Company Retirement Plans

As a sponsor of a qualified retirement plan you have many responsibilities. Fulfilling them on your own can be difficult and expose you to unknown liability. As an advisory firm dedicated to the retirement plan space, we come alongside you with a proven process for improving plan outcomes. We help you monitor costs, select investments, provide fiduciary education and guidance, and offer planning and advice to your employees.

Becoming a Client

Introduction and Discovery Process

We meet with you to gain a full understanding of your company’s retirement plan; current costs, investment structure, and service model, among other items. Then we share our philosophy and process with you identifying areas where we may be able to improve upon your plan fees, services, or investments.

Plan Benchmarking

Using stale industry averages to guess whether your plan’s costs are fair and reasonable is not efficient. In order to improve plan outcomes, we take your plan to market and gather live, competitive bids from numerous providers. We compare these bids to your current plan fees, investments, and services to negotiate better terms with your existing providers.

Implement Plan Changes

Together we collaborate to implement the proposed changes to your plan. If negotiating with existing service providers is unsuccessful, we will help you move to more appropriate providers.

Employee Meetings

We hold group employee education meetings to explain upcoming changes in your retirement plan and how it impacts them. In addition, we will meet individually with each employee to provide ongoing education and guidance.

Reviews and Ongoing Communication

Becoming a client is just the beginning. We communicate regularly to review your plan's goals and objectives. We monitor your fees, investments, and services through regular plan benchmarking. Ongoing education is provided to you, as your plan’s fiduciary, and to your employees so they can plan for a successful retirement.

Our Approach

As a Rathbone Warwick client we will walk you through a proven plan management process. Being a fiduciary to you and your participants is not a short term transaction, it is a lifelong endeavor.

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